What is Attraction Marketing and Does it Really Work?

There have been many names for a simple concept that was best described by Mike Dillard as “Magnetic Sponsoring” which was intended for expanding Multilevel Marketing or Network Marketing businesses. Those words put across the simple concept of attracting people to you rather than chasing them with your business or product. Many people have now read about the funded proposal, the funnel system and other practices but they all come down to one thing.

Marketers have known and practiced for many years the technology of making a product, opportunity or person magnetic. In other words, they specialize in making something irresistible. A person who can do that is valuable to anyone who has something to sell. Whether or not this is an ethical point depends on the company or product. Obviously the “snake oil salesmen” of the past were not eventually revered. History has left its mark on the traveling salesman.

On the other hand, Wall Street is living proof of how valued a good marketing professional is. Even the last U.S. President called in a marketing expert to handle his campaign. But let’s assume your company and product are terrific. How will you let the average person know? Marketing is the answer. And let’s take a look at what we’ve been sold that was a waste of time. Why did we buy it? Marketing is the answer. So we can come to one conclusion, let us come to the conclusion that if you are having trouble selling your company or product, marketing is the answer.

Going back to the subject at hand, Attraction Marketing, we find that “branding” comes into play and needs a short explanation. In Network Marketing, “branding” is when you are the company and product. In other words, network marketers often suffer and fail when the company or product fails. You may have convinced family and close friends that this opportunity was the best deal you’d ever heard of and they all joined up only to watch the company crash and burn. Or maybe the product wasn’t really that good or the company fell back on its payments. Whatever the failure, it wasn’t necessarily YOUR failure but now it is. Why? Because you branded the company or product and not YOU.

This is important because it puts a twist on something very basic. The fact is that those people signed up because they like you, they trust you, they want to work with you. Most people know that a “company” is an ambiguous and ethereal entity. But you will hopefully stick around and be fun to work with. It will be an adventure. If you’re honest and stay in touch, provide some value so they don’t feel ripped off, then you just might end up with a group that will build.

So how does that relate to “attraction marketing” and its application to a home-based business? Most people will sell their product and company. While that is good information, it is not usually why people buy and especially not why they buy from you. In fact, if you push nothing but the product, you might sell them on it but chances are, they will find the company and sign up with someone else if you haven’t branded yourself.

Does this mean you have to lie about your expertise? Absolutely not. That would be a mistake as it is easily disproven. It means you have to know how to look and sound like a professional and how to make friends. It means you have to remain positive, stay in touch, not sell, care about people just enough to ask them how they are doing. It means you never sound desperate or in need of their money. If that’s the way you feel, then handle that first before you talk to someone.

It can take an evolution and a leap of faith to back off and start offering people assistance instead of waving your recent opportunity in front of their face. But to the consumer or potential distributor, it’s as weird as the grocery store manager coming door to door with his favorite foods and yammering on about how great they are. What a waste of time when he has an entire neighborhood of people who definitely need to eat.

Imagine that same manager going door to door shaking hands, introducing himself, dropping off a coupon book, asking them to let him know what they would like to see at his store, letting people know how much he would appreciate their business and then, without trying to sell them anything, wishing them a good day and moving on. Perhaps you would be hoping to see the manager when you go there and what a surprise if he stopped by to say hello and welcome you. He waves, he smiles, the food is…well, food and the prices are not the lowest but not the highest. The difference is the friendly atmosphere and helpfulness. Now THAT’s attraction marketing.

There are just too many companies and opportunities to say “This one is the best” but people gravitate — and remain loyal — to the sponsor that got him in. Now he will stay because “I like Joe” or because he made money right away and he respects his sponsor. If it was the company or the product, you will find the promiscuous behavior of most distributors. Another better looking opportunity is bound to roll around and scoop your distributor away.

Branding yourself is an entire subject mastered by a few. There are many gurus writing on the subject. Who do you listen to? One tip is to pick one whose story matches yours. For example, are you shy and retiring and unwilling to make phone calls? Then pick the guru who says that was his original plight. The book is sure to tell you how he got over it or around it.

Attraction Marketing works if applied correctly. It is simple and logical. If everyone used it we would no longer be bombarded with just the company and its latest advertisement. It isn’t likely that will happen. But then, that’s good for you. If you actually apply this, you will stick out in a crowd like a preacher in a lynch mob. Just knowing this, however, is not the same as training on it. Pick your guru and start studying!