The Brand Identity Book – How to Build and Design a Brand Identity

If you belong to the wonderful world of the branding advertising agency, I am sure you have faced a big dilemma when a client, either existing or new approaches to your branding agency and ask you to help him to start the adventure of building a new brand identity for their service, idea, product or company. For a moment you have to admit you feel sort of daunting. As everything in life either simple or complex you have to combine different life views, knowledge or skills acquired, this including your design or art career. These are the first fundamentals. In order to create something new for your client you must understand some tips shared through time among different experts of the field.

Here I want to share some ideas based on my experience:

  • The need for a sustainable and consistent marketing branding approach: strategy.

Each agency pretends to have a “brand identity book” in itself so to speak, the truth there is not such thing unless it is the branding book of your client’s brand. The corporate branding strategy needs to first strategize and strategize from the very beginning. From the very start!

  • Creative design research

Doing research is the second main step here. Have met your brand? Have you had a date with it? Do you know what is its personality? Have you delved into its ethos and deeply rooted function same as strength, weakness and potentials? Try to snatch all the information given by your customer. Enquiry how different targets perceive the brand? How stakeholders, shareholders, end consumers perceive it? Enquiry how these targets would like to have it formatted, also the outlets suggested or perceived to advertise it

  • Competitor research

What colours, fonts, visual identity style either in the corporate branding design or product design is used by the competition? Do benchmarking but create a unique masterpiece and discuss together all the time

  • The brand identity agency briefing

There is no need to work subjectively in this field, of course creativity and perceptions will always be there but remember there is also money involved, therefore a document that document every single step of the brand such as design concepts, is mandatory, this must overview both the client and the creative team’s approaches. The brief should outline a broader vision of the brand and a clear brand strategy which will help both outline rational results and decisions.

  • Communication with the customer

Remember the old adage: Customer is always right? It’s not the exception here! He knows the product better than you, it is time for you to be humble and listen, listen and listen in spite of your experience and huge visual data you may have in your brain. It is all in your client’s expectation and goals.

One of the main important step that a good advertising branding agency can do is understanding the client’s need, do not limit all the available technical resources and your own expertise, it is simple putting on your client’s hat for moment. You are designing and brand building, branding services in other words, you are creating a product for an audience. We are creators. We are designers. And all in a way depend on us in this magnificent creative design agency or creative advertising agencies world.