Effectively Displaying Your Brand Message on the Internet

When we hear the word brand, we often think about certain companies and most of us can identify their logos and colors from a mile away. We also know their messages and the “voice” they broadcast to the public because we are accustomed to hearing them so often.

How did these brands become so popular and why do we recognize them? This essentially reflects the meaning of a successful branding campaign: repetition and recognition. Repetition leads to recognition, which is what any successful company desires for their brand.

As an internet marketer, branding poses more challenges because you are not exposing your company over the air waves, television nor do you own a physical location. Conversely, your company is exposed to millions of people on the internet which can seriously boost your branding efforts. Though the basic methods for successful campaigns are similar, the execution for branding on the internet will differ. Follow these few tips to make sure you are getting the most out of your work.

1. Your messages should be consistent across the web – The principle of consistency applies to ALL of your internet communications, including your website, social media campaigns, email marketing, blog and even your personal interactions with your customers. When users visit all of your real estate on the web, they should know it is your company and recognize the message as seen in your words, logos, colors and style.

2. Create a unique message – If your message is the same as another company, you will not effectively brand yourself because you will look like someone else. This can create confusion in the mind of the buyer. Your goal is to create a different experience for your audience and consistently offer it across your entire campaign.

3. Beware of temptations – During your campaign you will be exposed to new methods and trends to enhance your effort on the web. Though this will help somewhat, be careful not to buy into anything that will blur your brand message. You never want to jeopardize your brand image, regardless of the “supposed” return on investment. Weigh the future loss of profit due to a confusing brand versus the new methods you want to implement. It usually is never worth it.

Follow these tips and stay focused on repetition. When you establish that consistency across the web, users will begin to recognize your brand over time.